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What our customers are saying

" Coach, Happy Friday!  I want to share a mini praise report with you.  I'm down 7.5lbs in the last month!  Low carb, high protein is working! (As if you didn't know).  ️I've joined forces with a couple of friends and we are keeping each other on point. As of right now, the cravings are gone and I am not even tempted by sugar. I knew I was different the day that I bought a rotisserie chicken and Ziploc bags and deboned the chicken in the work breakroom! I can't wait to report more later!   Thank you so much for your guidance. I appreciate you! "



"I had a gastric sleeve (location) in 2015.   I weighed 370 pounds and I'm 5'8" tall, I'm a 52 year old man. I'm writing this to say, if they don't provide a "coach" to help after surgery do not use them. I love my coach, she answers my phone calls or emails, always has time for me. She scolds me if need be, sent me my meal plans weekly, and has been a HUGE part of my success! This morning I weighed 246 pounds and I'm less than 6 months out!!! Please use a "coach", it's nice to have someone that's been down your path to help, I'm glad I had my special person."


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